Kristin Hardy

Associate Professor Kristin HardyKristin M. Hardy, Ph.D.


181-415 office
181-403 lab


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B.S., Tulane University (Neuroscience)
Ph.D., University of North Carolina Wilmington (Marine Biology)
Postdoc, Hollings Marine Laboratory, Medical University of South Carolina (Environmental Physiology)

Research Interests

  • Environmental physiology of marine invertebrates
  • Metabolic effects of intracellular and environmental hypoxia
  • Molecular and physiological adaptations to stress in crustaceans
  • Comparative muscle physiology and energetics
  • Evolution of behavior in crustaceans

Advising Interests

  • Environmental physiology
  • Metabolism and energetics
  • Stress physiology in invertebrates
  • Comparative muscle physiology
  • Evolutionary physiology


My research is focused on the physiological acclimations and evolutionary adaptations of marine invertebrates (particularly crustaceans) to changing environmental conditions. I approach these topics from an inherently integrative and comparative angle by examining the effects of environmental stress at the cellular, tissue, and organismal levels - often across a number of species. In particular, my efforts are focused on the consequences of low dissolved oxygen (hypoxia) and elevated carbon dioxide (hypercapnia) on muscle physiology, metabolism, growth and behavior.


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