Faculty and staff travel must be processed via Concur. 

Biological Science students and volunteers must follow the following steps if they plan to travel on university business. This includes traveling to conferences, participating in field research, or leading field trips. The approval process for travel should start at least 30 days in advance.

STEP 1 - Funding (students only)

If requesting funding from Biological Sciences, you must complete a Funding Request for Conference Attendance and Travel. Students may request funding for one (1) conference trip while a Cal Poly undergrad (or grad student). Presenting at the conference is preferred. Travel must be completed within 1 quarter after graduation (summer is considered a quarter). A response to your funding request will be sent via email. Allowable expenses include the following.

  • Lodging - $275 is the nightly maximum
  • Airfare - Upgrades are not reimbursable and baggage fees are only covered if traveling with required supplies/equipment
  • Ground Transportation
    • Rental cars must be booked through Cal Poly and with an approved vendor
    • Fuel can be reimbursed if driving a state or rental vehicle
    • Mileage can be paid if driving a personal vehicle
    • Uber/Lyft/Car Service can be reimbursed
  • Meals are not reimbursable using department funds. If secondary funding is available, it can cover per diem meal expenses. The pier rates are $44.25 on the first and last day of travel and $59 on all other days. Meals are not reimbursable for any trip that is less than 24 hours.
  • Conference Registration 
  • Poster printing expenses can be reimbursed for those presenting at a conference

STEP 2 (students and volunteers) - Driver Safety, if applicable

If your travel will include driving a state or privately-owned vehicle you must be an Approved Driver. The Driver Safety Program must be completed and approval documentation uploaded before a Travel Information Form can be submitted.

If you have not received an approval to driver letter from Risk Management visit the Driver Safety website and review the required steps. When you initiate the driver safety approval process and get to STEP TWO enter in the Driver’s Supervisor field and in the Department Admin field. The Detailed Instructions for Students, Volunteers, and CPC Employees may be helpful when completing the Driver Safety Program.

STEP 3 (students and volunteers) - Pre-Authorization

Complete a Travel Information Form for conference travel, field research, and field trip support. The information submitted will be used to determine which University's required forms are required. This includes driver safety, volunteer, release, and pre-authorization forms.

If traveling internationally your travel approval must be processed through the International Center. Complete a Travel Information Form AND visit the International Center's web page.

STEP 4 (students and volunteers) - Reimbursement

After travel is complete a Travel Reimbursement Request Form should be submitted within 30 days of your return. Travel must have been pre-approved.


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