Student Research Opportunities

In keeping with the Learn by Doing tradition at Cal Poly, our undergraduates are required to participate in research and complete a senior project in order to graduate — the case across the College of Science & Mathematics.

Undergraduate and graduate students in biological sciences have the opportunity to participate in real-world, faculty-directed research. Active research projects are ongoing, from field ecology and management of natural resources to molecular biology and biotechnology. Students can become involved in exciting research projects funded by private, state and federal agencies, including the National Science Foundation, Office of Naval Research and more. 

Participation in hands-on research can be the most exciting and rewarding part of a student’s education and training as a scientist. Being involved in research projects allows our students to identify their interests and gain valuable experience. Browse a list of faculty research interests or contact individual professors for more information.

Our department also has equipment and facilities and field sites specifically dedicated to student research. They include the Center for Coastal Marine Sciences' Avila Pier facility, the Center for Applications in Biotechnology (CAB), and the Undergraduate Biotechnology Laboratory.


Click here to learn more about Biological Sciences research facilities

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