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Travel, Reimbursement, and Field Trip Forms for Students and Volunteers: 

  • Travel & Field Research Information Form - This form is to be used to initiate all of the forms required for travel and field research, including vehicle and release forms.
  • Travel Reimbursement Request Form  - This form is to be used by students and volunteers to request travel reimbursements. Travel must have been pre-approved by the Department Chair.
  • General Reimbursement Request Form - This form is to be used by students and volunteers to be reimbursed for a general expense/purchase. Funding must be pre-approved by a supervising professor or the department Budget Analyst, Katie Doctor.
  • Lost Receipt Form (state-funded) - This form is for lost or non-itemized receipts. It should be used for travel expenses that are $40 or more and ALL non-travel reimbursements
  • Missing Receipt Form (grant-funded) - This form is for lost or non-itemized receipts. It should be used for ALL travel expenses and ALL non-travel reimbursements.
  • Volunteer Form Request - This form is used to initiate the routing of a Volunteer Form for those supporting on/off-campus research and field trips. A volunteer is an individual who performs work or provides services to the University without remuneration of any kind (such as pay or course credit). 
  • Driver/Vehicle Forms Request for Field Trips - This request is only used for driving as field trip support. 

Student Funding Applications: 

Student Employees: 

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