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Biological Sciences Department
California Polytechnic State University
San Luis Obispo, CA 93407-0401

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Department Chair

        Office Office Hours
Hillers, Ken Professor khillers 756-1481 33-274 schedule

Department Office

Calcagno, Ellen Budget Analyst (on leave)      
Cruz, Jenny Budget Analyst (Interim) jmcruz 756-5241 33-272
Gutierrez, Melanie Administrative Support Coordinator malejand 756-5242 33-273
Reeves, Kristin Administrative Support Coordinator kreeve01 756-7202 33-281
Toon, Patricia Administrative Support Assistant patoon01 756-5241 33-272



Tenured and Tenure-Track

        Office Office Hours
Adams, Nikki Professor nadams 756-2943 33-371 schedule
Bean, Tim Assistant Professor wtbean 756-2662 33-276 schedule
Black, Michael Professor mblack 756-2894 33-380 schedule
Blank, Jason Associate Professor jmblank 756-5629 33-377 schedule
Clement, Sandra Associate Professor slclemen 756-2154 33-269 schedule
Davidson, Jean Assistant Professor jdavid06 756-7421 33-267 schedule
Fidopiastis, Pat Professor pfidopia 756-2883 33-374 schedule
Francis, Clinton Associate Professor cdfranci 756-5358 33-369 schedule
Grossenbacher, Dena Assistant Professor dgrossen 756-2135 33-376 schedule
Hardy, Kristin Associate Professor kmhardy 756-2806 33-264 schedule
Himelblau, Ed Professor ehimelbl 756-2826 33-365 schedule
Keeling, Elena Professor ekeeling 756-2175 33-271 schedule
Knight, Charles Professor knight 756-2989 33-364 schedule
Kolluru, Gita Professor gkolluru 756-2819 33-368 schedule
Lema, Sean Associate Professor slema 756-2802 33-370 schedule
Liwanag, Heather Assistant Professor hliwanag 756-5202 33-375 schedule
Martinez, Nathaniel Assistant Professor nmarti32 756-2185 33-379 schedule
Pasulka, Alexis Assistant Professor apasulka 756-5399 33-265 schedule
Perrine, John Professor jperrine 756-2368 33-275 schedule
Rajakaruna, Nishi Associate Professor nrajakar 756-2836 33-367 schedule
Ritter, Matthew Professor mritter 756-2775 33-373 schedule
Ruttenberg, Ben Associate Professor bruttenb 756-2498 33-361 schedule
Strand, Christy Professor cstrand 756-2207 33-266 schedule
Taylor, Emily Professor etaylor 756-2616 33-270 schedule
Tomanek, Lars Professor ltomanek 756-2437 33-372 schedule
Villablanca, Francis Professor fvillabl 756-2200 33-268 schedule
Vredevoe, Larisa Professor lvredevo 756-7165 33-276 schedule
White, Crow Associate Professor cwhite31 756-2950 33-378 schedule
Winstead, Candace Associate Professor cwinstea 756-2899 33-263 schedule
Yep, Alejandra Assistant Professor yep 756-5355 33-366 schedule
Yeung, Marie Professor pmyeung 756-5199 33-362 schedule
Yost, Jenn Associate Professor jyost 756-5869 33-363 schedule

Lecturers - Full Time

        Office Office Hours
Bunting, Jamie Lecturer bunting 756-2557 33-383 schedule
Jones, Michael Lecturer mjones99 756-2906 33-382 schedule

Lecturers - Part Time

        Office Office Hours
Babu, Praveen Lecturer pbabu 756-5376 53-218 schedule
Bergen, Anne Marie Lecturer ambergen 756-2759 25-125B2 schedule
Debruhl, Heather Lecturer hdebruhl 756-2877 33-257A schedule
Goschke, Grace Lecturer ggoschke 756-2454 33-278 schedule
Hendricks, Steve Lecturer srhendri 756-2954 33-378 schedule
Howes, Amy Lecturer alhowes 756-5376 53-218 schedule
Jew, Kara Lecturer kjew   33-396 schedule
Maj, Magdalena Lecturer mmaj   53-220 schedule
May, Mellisa Lecturer mmay09 756-2160 53-317 schedule
McConnico, Laurie Lecturer lmcconni 53-210C   schedule
Neal, Emily Lecturer erusch   53-220 schedule
Needles, Lisa Lecturer lneedles 756-2896 53-219 schedule
O'Neill, Megan Lecturer mboneill 756-2454 33-278 schedule
Pisula, Anneka Lecturer apisula   180-535 schedule
Polacek, Kelly Lecturer kpolacek 756-2877 33-257A schedule
Resner, Emily Lecturer eresner   53-210C schedule
Roest, Michele Lecturer mroest   53-210B schedule
Ryan, Sean Lecturer spryan 756-2514 53-318 schedule
Trunzo, Juliana Lecturer jtrunzo 756-6332 33-255A schedule
VanderKelen, Jennifer Lecturer jvanderk 574-3015 180-535 schedule

GradUate Teaching Associates

        Office Office Hours
Abelli-Amen, Ella Graduate Student eabellia   53-109 schedule
Alvarez, Yareli Graduate Student yaalvare   53-109 schedule
Anderson, Kyra Graduate Student kande145     schedule
Avsharian, Lara Graduate Student lavshari     schedule
Bersin, Theresa Graduate Student tbersin 756-2902 33-459 schedule
Borglin, Matthew Graduate Student mborglin   180-535 schedule
Castillo, Crystal Graduate Student ccasti10     schedule
Dotterweich, Megan Graduate Student mdotterw 756-2902 53-459 schedule
Excoffier, Paul Graduate Student pexcoffi   33-355A schedule
Fabela, Frank Graduate Student rfabela   33-454 schedule
Fisher, Ashley Graduate Student afishe08     schedule
Gaudenti, Nicole Graduate Student ngaudent 756-2609 33-251 schedule
Housh, Madeline Graduate Student mhoush     schedule
Huggins, Michael Graduate Student mthuggins     schedule
Ivey, Kathleen Graduate Student knivey 756-2609 33-251 schedule
Johnson, Avalon Graduate Student ajohn138     schedule
Kahn, Elias Graduate Student elkahn     schedule
Kenny, Reed Graduate Student rekenny 756-2514 53-318 schedule
Michels, Dana Graduate Student demichel     schedule
Mulroy, Michael Graduate Student mmulroy     schedule
O'Connor, Megan Graduate Student moconn14     schedule
Rempel, Hannah Graduate Student mdreese   53-106 schedule
Riordan, Katherine Graduate Student kriord01     schedule
Rojas Soto, Maria Graduate Student mrojas08     schedule
Thom, Neele Graduate Student nthom     schedule
Uyeoka, Alycia Graduate Student auyeoka   33-453 schedule
Vollhardt, Sydney Graduate Student svolhar   33-456 schedule
Wardle, Ryan Graduate Student rwardle     schedule
West, Samantha Graduate Student swest01   33-260 schedule


Keil, David Emeritus Professor dkeil 756-2043 33-352A
Kitts, Christopher L. Emeritus Professor ckitts 756-2949 180-533A



Department Technical Staff

Clendenen, Dave Instrctnl Support Tech II dclenden 756-2712 53-309
Curto, Michael Info Tech Consultant mcurto 756-2714 53-310
Hamrick, Alice Instrctnl Support Tech II
CAB Research Associate
ahamrick 756-2164 53-309
Jacobson, Craig Instrctnl Support Tech II cjacobso 756-7520 33-458
Merriam, John Instrctnl Support Tech III jmmerria 756-7531 33-466
Willey, Gage Instrctnl Support Tech I gwilley 530-632-4615 48-112

College Technical Staff



CSM Design & Fabrication Facility

Brewster, Doug CSM Equip Tech III, Electromechanical dbrewste 756-2701 52-D24
Brewster, Rob CSM Equip Tech III, Electromechanical rabrewst 756-2701 52-D24
Dunham, Kevin CSM Equip Tech III, Electromechanical kedunham 756-2701 52-D24


Cal Poly Pier

Felton, Jason Diving Safety Officer jfelton 756-6058 Pier
Moylan, Tom Manager, Cal Poly Pier tmoylan 756-0225 25-216

Grant Project Affiliates

Castillo, Crystal NSF Fellow ccasti10   53-106
May, Melissa Postdoc, Tomanek Lab mmay09 756-2160 33-317
Pearson, Katelyn Manager, Herbarium
Digitization Project
kdpearso 756-2043 33-352
Phillips, Jennifer Postdoc, Francis Lab jnphilli 756-2896 53-219
Robbins, Ian Senior Research Scientist, Walter Lab (Physics) irobbins 756-0530
Vanderkelen, Jennifer Research Associate, CAB jvanderk 574-3015 180-535
Waltz, Grant Research Associate, Wendt Lab gwaltz 756-2950 53-114  
Wang, Yi-Hui Offshore Energy Postdoctoral ywang59 756-7131 53-106

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