Gita Kolluru

Gita R. Kolluru, Ph.D.



Office Hours: M 2:10-3:00  T 2:10-4:00  H 2:10-4:00

Office: 33-367
Phone: 805-756-2819
Fax: 805-756-1419


B.Sc. (Honours) Biology, Queen's University, Kingston, Canada
M.A. Biology, University of California, Riverside
Ph.D. Biology, University of California, Riverside

Research Interests

  • Costs and benefits of sexually selected displays;
  • Aggressive intermale interactions;
  • Costs of mating and resulting trade-offs;
  • Evolution in poeciliid fishes, especially the Cuban species Girardinus metallicus;
  • Phenotypic plasticity and geographic variation in mating tactics;
  • Host-parasite interactions.

Advising Interests

  • Behavioral syndromes
  • Costs of morphological, behavioral and physiological traits important in mating
  • Host-parasite interactions
  • Phenotypic and genetic variation in sexually selected traits
  • Proximate and ultimate effects on male-male competition


Positive relationship between risk-taking behaviour and aggression in subordinate but not dominant males of a Cuban poeciliid fish (2016)

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