Dean Wendt

 Dean E. Wendt, Dean and Professor of Biological Sciences

Dean Wendt, Ph.D.

Dean of College of Science and Mathematics 
Professor of Biological Sciences

Office: 25-229B
Phone: 805-756-2226
Fax: 805-756-1725


B.S. Biology, Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo
M.A. Biology, Harvard University
Ph.D. Biology, Harvard University

Research and Advising Interests:

To large extent my research program has focused on the physiology and ecology of marine invertebrate animals. More recently I have become involved in marine conservation, including the development of constituent-based research programs and a model for the implementation of ecosystem-based management in Morro Bay.

  • Energetics of larval swimming and metamorphosis in marine invertebrates focused on the ecological benefits of dissolved organic matter (DOM) for marine invertebrates
  • Development of non-toxic, foul-release marine coatings for use in the prevention of biofouling
  •  Impact and spread of invasive species in small harbors and bays
  • Development and implementation of a comprehensive ecosystem-based management program for the Morro Bay estuary and nearshore ecosystem
  • Collaborative (constituent-based) fisheries research to assess status of ground fish populations



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