College Based Fees

Biological Sciences Department College Based Fees

Students at research site A college-based fee of $200 per quarter has been assessed to all students in the College of Science and Mathematics since Fall Quarter, 2002. (For students taking six units or less during the academic year or eight units or less during the summer, the fee is reduced by 50 percent). The fees were enacted across the university after Cal Poly students, in an advisory vote, approved the assessment in order to maintain access to the high-quality equipment, classes and experiences the university offers -- which are frequently not paid for by the State of California.

In the Biological Sciences Department, College Based Fees are used specifically to meet needs associated with degree programs in Biological Sciences, Marine Sciences, and Microbiology.

College Based Fees have been used to fund scientific instrumentation and equipment, computing equipment, access to classes, student research, and faculty development. Priorities for expending fee revenues are set by the student members of the department's College Based Fee Committee.

For application information see the BIO Budget Analyst in Fisher 33-272, or call 805-756-5241.


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